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A Day in the Life at Atlantis AcademyFemale student smiling

I, Cherie, am a junior at Atlantis Academy. Every day is great here because I learn something new.

My classes are exciting and challenging; that’s why I love Atlantis. While the students report to homeroom, I report to the office to lead the pledge of allegiance and announcements. First class is English where we read “Forged by Fire” by Sharon Draper and discussed the symbolism of fire and dancing in our literature circles. We just finished a play, “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. It’s about the witch trials of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. For this work of literature we discussed the characters.

In Spanish class we are studying the proper use of grammar. Right now we are concentrating on verbs, breaking them down and using them correctly in a sentence. Next is Forensics where we learn about the procedures used in criminal investigation. While watching TV shows and movies, we use what we have learned in class to figure out who the criminal is. Our economics teacher taught us how to take notes while we learned about stocks and bonds, how banks are run, bartering versus using money, and how borrowing and savings work. Then I have a break to eat a healthy lunch and talk with my friends.

This may seem like a heavy academic schedule, but on certain days I have electives. In P.E. it is always fun. We get to play different sports like: handball, volleyball and basketball. We are competitive while having fun. My next elective is Art. I always loved art. My teacher taught me about three-point perspective, two-point perspective, dot-ink-art, outlining paintings, creating sculptures, and painting straight lines. Then 2:30 comes I go back to my homeroom teacher for study hall and mentoring. Again, I have the opportunity to talk with my friends until 2:45. Then it’s time to go home and wait anxiously for the next day.

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