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Atlantis Academy offers a program that allows students to discover their strengths, their own unique learning styles and the methods and techniques that work for them. We believe that small class sizes and a close-knit campus allow for personal attention and help develop the leadership skills and confidence of each student. We believe every student has a preferred learning style. Some students are visual learners (learn by seeing), some are auditory learners (learn by hearing), while others are kinesthetic learners (learn by doing). Our staff is trained to utilize differential instruction to meet the needs of each child. Personalized learning strategies are aligned with each student’s academic level and pace of learning. The use of interactive computer technology is stressed as part of the curriculum.



Our Traditional classrooms are designed for students who can function academically and socially in a more traditional small classroom setting. Students follow a regular daily schedule that includes core courses and electives with an emphasis on improving reading and math skills. Teachers work with the students at their diagnosed instructional level and assist them in achieving mastery through personalized instruction and focus on each individual’s strengths.


Our Foundations Program consists of three classrooms designated for each level; elementary, middle, and high school students. Students are grouped based on their academic and social abilities. The Foundation classes have a small teacher to student ratio so that the students experience one-on-one teaching time. The Foundations classroom utilizes a variety of teaching modalities to meet the students’ learning styles with a specific emphasis on hands-on activities.

The high school Foundations class focuses on having students master the practical tasks of daily living – from maintaining personal hygiene to using functional math, communication and social skills. Students are also introduced to opportunities to put their life skills to use in their own communities.

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Part of the ChanceLight Behavioral Health and Education

Atlantis Academies are part of ChanceLight™ Behavioral Health & Education, the nation’s leading provider of behavioral health and education solutions for children and young adults. We change the direction of children’s lives by offering them the opportunity to create successful, independent futures.

Formerly known as Educational Services of America (ESA), ChanceLight serves more than 13,500 clients and students each day across our two divisions. ChanceLight Behavioral Healthserves those with autism spectrum and other behavioral disorders, and pediatric developmental delays and physical challenges. ChanceLight Education includes our alternative education Ombudsman program, which partners with more than 120 school districts to serve at-risk students; andSpectrum Center Schools and Programs, which partners with more than 115 school districts to operate schools and programs for students with special needs.

ChanceLight was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.


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